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(This page last updated June 8, 1999)

This page is a place where you may come to gain information about porcelain painting and other articles of interest to porcelain painters.   In the future it will allow you to access a database of porcelain and china painting resources.

At present you can link to the Glossary page, where you can find definitions to many of the commonly used porcelain terms. The Chart of Cone Temperatures has been moved to its own page (off the Glossary Page), and a Fahrenheight/Celsius version of the temperatures has been added.

The page on Oils and Mediums, written and compiled by Gene Patterson, has an abundance of information about the mediums we use in our art and features many recipes for china painting mediums.

The "Airbrush on porcelain" page relays two methods for this application; one by Jesse Brown and another by Patricia Whitchurch.

"Lace Draped Dolls", complete instructions for Permalux-Lace Draped Dolls, was written by Bonnie Crandall (otherwise known as "NebraskaLassie"). More information on this subject, written by Maggie Clark, appears after Bonnie's article, on the same page.

The "Tips for Working with Computer Images for Display on the Internet" was written by Betty Gerstner because of several email inquiries about preparing photos of paintings for display on the internet and working with Corel Photopaint, the image editor she uses for most of this website's graphics.

"Gold: Its Use and Application", by Gene Patterson, comprising several pages is the result of information provided to him through his own research and also from members of the china painters mailinglist.

On Nov. 11, 1998 we added the "Declarations of China Painting as a Fine Art by President Jimmy Carter (1980)" and various state declarations.We would like to send a great big thanks to Pat Dickerson of the WOCP for providing us with the information. Thanks a million, Pat!

The newest addition, another page authored by Gene Patterson, "China Painting Solvents: Things You Should Know", provides very necessary information concerning the solvents we use in china painting and how to use them safely.

Glossary Page

Chart of Cone Temperatures

Oils and Mediums

Airbrush on Porcelain

Lace Draped Dolls

Gold: Its Use and Application

Tips for Working with Computer Images for Display on the Internet

Declaration of China Painting as a Fine Art
(President Jimmy Carter-1980) and other state declarations

China Painting Solvents: Things You Should Know

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