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About the Mailing List
What is a Mailing List?

About the PorcelainPainters Mailing List

Membership in this Mailing List is FREE.   But you DO need to sign up for the list before you can send or receive email on the list.

Click on the link below to sign up for the Porcelain Painters free mailing list.

Existing mailing list members may also click the link below to go to the mailing list login page. From the mailing list login page, existing mailing list members can view the list archives, unsubscribe, change email address, temporarily stop list delivery (for vacations) and change many other individual list options.

Click here for the Porcelain Painters free mailing list.

You can unsubscribe to the List at any time.   Just click on the link above and there is a place on the page to unsubscribe from the list. If you are going to be gone temporarily, don't unsubscribe from the list. Instead, log in to the mailing list (above link) and set your Mail Delivery to "Disabled".
To log in to the mailing list, once the page for the above link displays, scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter your email address in the box next to the button labeled "Unsubscribe or edit options" and then click the button. A page will display for you to log in with your mailing list password. If you don't know your mailing list password, scroll down a little further on the page and click the "Remind" button to have it emailed to you.
Once you log in with your password and click the Log in button, a page will display with a grey area containing several options for your individual mailing list subscription. The first is "Mail Delivery". If this is set as "Enabled", you will receive the emails from the list. Setting it to "Disabled" temporarily stops delivery of the mailing list to you until you "Enable" delivery again.


What is a Mailing List?

A Mailing List is a special email address set up on a computer (designated as a server) which is online to the internet. Any email addressed to the List is automatically routed to all members of the List. Only members of the List may send and receive email to and from the List.

With individual email, communication is on a one to one basis. A Mailing List provides for interactive communication between all members of the List.

Say, for instance, a member sends an email to the Mailing List asking if anyone knows at what cone to fire lusters. When the email is received by the List, it is routed to all members of the List. If anyone on the List knows the answer to the proposed question, he/she can send an email to the email address of the Mailing List with this information. When the email is received by the List, as with the original email message, it is routed to all members of the List. This way, all members see both the original email message and any response(s) from members.

The Mailing List provides a good potential for dissemination of information as well as a way for china painters who are isolated, without the ready accessibility of china painting supplies and information, to find sources for these. It can also provide a venue for active discussion on topics of interest to members of the List (in our case the subject is china  or porcelain painting). The "luster firing" scenario is only an example. The Mailing List has virtually unlimited possibilities.

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